Sunday, 21 July 2013

Solar Lights To Light Up The Darkness

These Solar lights are powered by free energy from the sun.
Sunlight, captured by the solar cell charges a battery which in turn powers the 3 LED lights inside the bottle.
The electronics inside the solar box automatically  reacts to the level of daylight to turn the lights on at night and off in the morning.

These bottle lights, depending on the design and colour of the bottle are designed to be used as a normal hanging down light, and therefore some of them have had the bottom of the bottle cut away to allow the light out.

 The problem with most 'garden' solar lights is apart from the fact that they rarely give out much usable light, they need to be positioned directly in the sunlight themselves.

Our bottle lights can used anywhere. As long as the solar cell box is in the sunlight the bottle light can be positioned anywhere.
The light comes with a long lead but this can be extended many metres if required by just adding extra lengths of 2 core lighting cable.
 At home we have a bottle light over our front door that lights the entrance to the house all night, the solar cell box is 5 metres away.

The amount of light given out is variable depending on the design and colour of the bottle but they all give out a usable light, powerful enough to read with if one is close enough.

They are perfect to light a pathway, a shed, a patio or a part of your garden. They can be used inside the house as a night-light with the solar cell inside (on a window sill)  or outside, 3 hours of sun is enough to power the light all night.

The cost of a Solar Bottle Light is 25 Euros

For those of you who prefer candles we also re-cycle bottles into tea-light candle chimneys. Protected from the elements the light of the candle is increased as the flame is reflected off the facets of the bottle chimneys.

The cost of a bottle chimney is 4 Euros.

If you have any questions about the lights or chimneys or you would like to know how to make either yourself please leave a comment and I will get back to you .

If you are interested in purchasing a Solar Bottle Light or a Bottle Chimney please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.